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About Us

Designed with German precision, our automatic shoe polishing machines are available in a wide array of models and colors, ensuring there’s an option for everyone.
As butlers have gone out of fashion, shoe polishing machines have become the fashion. They are a great touch — showing that you care about servicing your clients.
Our clientele includes owners and managers of hotels, apartment buildings, shopping malls, airports, office complexes, conference halls, gyms and retirement homes.
The reason for our success in the industry is much thanks to the quality of our products. Our range of electric shoe polishers have sturdy bodies and are fitted with high-torque motors, which is how we ensure both reliability and safety for clients. Each shoe shine machine, regardless of the model, comes with a three-year warranty.
For 20 years from the date of purchase, we will also provide spare parts for the maintenance of your automatic shoe shine machine!
The models we carry include ones that are plated in 24-karat gold, making them perfectly suited for luxurious buildings. Other models are more discreet, barely visible, while yet others have a modern, industrial feel.
Some of our models were specifically designed for almost continuous use — perfect for busy environments — while some were designed to cater to people who might find it hard to balance while having their shoes polished.
We simply have shoe polish machines that fit any kind of establishment. Please browse our models to find out more about each one. And if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Did You Know?

The Start Button
Press to start/stop polishing your shoes.
The Sensor Some machines don’t have a start/stop button, but rather starts automatically thanks to a sensor that responds to the proximity of a hand, or foot, depending on the placement.
The Handle Bar
Ensures you have something to lean on, while polishing your shoes. No need to topple over!
The Pre-Cleaning Brush
Made with pure horse hair, this brush gently removes dust and dirt.
The Housing/Body
The body of any of our machines is made with either stainless steel, aluminum, or steel sheeting and can be custom finished, or coated.
The Polish Dispenser
Made with a high performance material, it provides an even distribution of leather polish.
The Sole Cleaning Mat
This mat lets clients remove any dirt, or soil, stuck to their soils. It’s easily removable so that it can be cleaned at any time.
The Polishing Brushes
Handmade and custom fitted these brushes are made with wool yarn and a wooden core. They are especially designed to brush shoes without scratching them and leave them shining.
HEUTE Special Polish
Our polish contains natural wax that leave leather shoes supple and shining

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